New Beginning

Crippled Youth Join the Fight EP

Tough young aggression hurling the handballs of power with that all-too-familiar Boston sound deliverance. Kicks into gear with a forceful driving beat that plunges into chunky thrash, as vocals scream and shout over the chaotic pace. Combine a mixture of DYS and SSD in their early prime, thrust the clutch down, and CRIPPLED YOUTH grind down hard and delightful.

Half Off The Truth LP

Youch! A very hot album of mostly rapid powerhouse thrash, although a few of the newer cuts show some musical growth. Lyrically, it’s mostly personal, covering honesty, individuality, etc. in an optimistic fashion, minus the “positive” rhetoric. Great debut vinyl by this upcoming band.

Negazione Nightmare EP

This record is a re-release of NEGAZIONE’s classic Conannati a Morte… EP with an additional live track, and it displays this band’s absolute command of a fast, frenetic, thrashy, and memorable songwriting style. The live song is a tantalizing hint of how good this band must be live. Great record!

Underdog Not Like You EP

This East Coast band offers songs that are simple, catchy, and have a nice, aggressive edge, which is combined with equally catchy vocal patterns. Maybe it’s that this band put some thought into what they wanted rather than directly duplicating their influences. Good strong effort.