Chaotic Dischord Fuck Off You Cunt! LP

A very powerfully recorded album that’s got plenty of that CHAOTIC DISCHORD zip to it. It features still more of the humorous, idiotic subject matter we’ve come to expect form this send-up thrash band, and they leave us with these pearls of wisdom: “You’ve Got to Be Obscene to Be Heard.” Slap those knees!

Cock Sparrer Running Riot in ’84 LP

I’d say they were the heirs to the early COCKNEY REJECTS and other “working class” “football chant” UK bands, but this band actually predates most of them. I don’t know how long they disappeared, but their return is most welcome, especially on this disc. All the tracks are catchy, exuberant, and powerful. A good one.

Major Accident Tortured Tunes LP

I’ve only occasionally enjoyed the British pop-punk of MAJOR ACCIDENT in the past, but this rather bootleggy sounding live LP sacrifices the primary merits of past recordings—production quality and layered instrumentation. Only for diehard fans of this outfit.

The 4-Skins From Chaos to 1984 LP

This live 4-SKINS album has far more excitement than any of their studio releases, perhaps because the band is feeding off audience participation. The production is remarkably good for a live recording, bringing out the dense guitars and vocal growls fully. Although some of the banter and lyrics are predictably imbecilic, you might want to give it a listen.

The Gonads Live: The Official Bootleg 2xLP

Sorry kids, but I could only make it through one and a half sides of this “rock ’n’ roll” record. Not my cup of tea. Amazingly, though, Jeff actually liked it (I worry about that boy sometimes) saying it was “funny” and had “some OK music.”

V/A Son of Oi LP

The fifth in the series of “Oi” compilations. Like the others, it contains a mixture of punk bands (COCK SPARRER, the ANGELIC UPSTARTS, PROLE, PARANOID PICTURES, and the NEWTOWN NEUROTICS), Oi groups (the BUSINESS, CLOCKWORK DESTRUCTION, the 4-SKINS, MANIAC YOUTH, and the VICIOUS RUMOURS), ranting political poets (PHIL SEXTON, TERRY MCCANN, MICK TURPIN, and the great GARRY JOHNSON, not to mention a cameo by ATTILA), funnypunk outfits (the GONADS, the ALASKA COWBOYS, the “L.O.L.S. Choir”), and assorted oddities. A lot of the music is appealing, so give this a listen.

V/A The Oi! of Sex LP

This latest in a long series of so-called Oi compilations features some classic early punk sounds (which now often pass for “Oi”), folk rock, ska, and poetry. It’s all pretty progressive lyrically, accentuating the intelligent side of the perspective of working class youth. Among those featured are COCK SPARRER, the GONADS, NICK TOCZEK, PROLE, CROSSED HAMMERS, the BURIAL, ABH, and VICIOUS RUMOURS. Sounds good.