Record of the Week: THE SECRET PROSTITUTES Welcome to Punk… Viva la Evolucion… We Can Do Whatever We Want LP

  • Published April 10, 2014 By Ray Suburbia
  • Categories Reviews

Okay, so THE SECRET PROSTITUTES are from Texas and sing in English, Spanish, what seems to be either Swedish or Norwegian, but mostly in Indonesian. Oh, and they cover a song in Italian. And the record is from Finland. +2 points. They play tightly wound rock ’n’ roll that has one foot in punk, one foot in garage and is pissing on the line in between. +2 points. They prefer to stylize their band name with SS lightning bolts. —2 points (one for each). “Galaxie” is an amazing, weird pop song that comes out of nowhere and breaks up the record perfectly. +1 point. They seem to have a fascination with Communism (they cover CCCP FEDELI ALLA LINEA, and have a song “Partai Komunis Indonesia”— which roughly translates to “Communist Party Indonesia”—and another titled “Kalashnikov” with a Cold War sample). No points given/taken away. When I saw them live (just after first hearing this record) the guitarist was wearing a G.G. ALLIN shirt (—1) and the bassist was wearing a SPACEMEN 3 shirt (+1). So let’s see… a total score of… who fucking cares! Who actually keeps score in punk anyway?! This is a totally ripping record with some really fucking cool vocals.
(Bad Hair Life Records)