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  • Published May 14, 2009 By icki
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Sing Sing May Releases

Sing Sing Records, a relatively new reissue label outta New York, just announced their fresh batch of 7″ power pop/punk reissues. This time around they’re serving up the de CYLINDERS’ “I Wanna Get Married” (from 1980), JETZ “Catch Me” (1979) and their second release by Northern Ireland’s almighty RUDI.

Sing Sing released their first batch of 7″s back in early March (ROSES ARE RED, the ZIPS and Rudi’s classic “Big Time”). With the exception of the de Cylinders (from the Netherlands), it looks like Sing Sing is focusing on the greater United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for their source material. Never a bad thing, especially when it comes to this brand of buzz and punch power pop. Myself, I can’t get enough of the Northern Ireland stuff alone. Some of the absolute best, catchiest punk ever recorded.

Thankfully these aren’t fucking buy-or-die releases, and they won’t cost you a small fortune. Six bucks a pop, and even the previous releases are still in stock.

Contrast that with 1977 Records outta Japan. They have put a nice dent in reissuing some of the best (and more expensive) punk and power pop singles (CELL 609, the MODERNS and DANSETTE DAMAGE are in the current group of releases), but they’re pricey out of the gate ($12 in the US) and once they’re gone (limited to 500), even the reissues get to be expensive.

If this ain’t enough for you, be sure to check out Sing Sing’s Blog. And of course if all this wienie rock power pop shit gets you going, the 45 Revolutions blog is another must.

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