• Published June 13, 2009 By Allan McNaughton
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So last Sunday I was on the way to a party when I stopped off at the wonderful 1-2-3-4-GO! record shop down the street from my house to meet Phil and Lauren. When I got there, local up-and-coming trio Shannon and the Clams were bringing the house down. I soon found out that SO COW from Ireland were going to follow them, so I stuck around and ended up blowing off the party I was headed to, because they were so good. One of the best bands I’ve seen in ages, in fact, and a lovely bunch of lads. Classic herky-jerky DIY punk in the vein of XTC, Wire, Television Personalities, all the greats. They even did a cover of TVP’s ‘This Angry Silence’ which they claimed they messed up. Hey, it wasn’t perfect but at least they’re not sleeping in bus shelters like Dan Treacy. Highlight of the afternoon was their cover of the Only Fools and Horses theme tune. I believe they’re still on tour for a while so check out their tour dates on MySpace…
So Cow myspace