• Published May 24, 2012 By Paul Curran
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San Franciscans, you are in for a treat! Happening now through June 23rd at the Luggage Store Gallery and other venues around the City is a huge art show — nay, art experience — curated by drummer, street artist, writer, and punk mainstay Erick Lyle, along with renowned SF artists Chris Johanson and Kal Spelletich. Streetopia, which opened on May 18th, features over 132 artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, activists, thinkers, and public policy makers to address the show’s themes of Utopian aspiration for the city.

Bill Daniel's evolving photo exhibit about SF's Mission Bay — now at the Luggage Store Gallery

There are too many awesome events to mention, so you should check out the full schedule on the show’s website. Some highlights include “Planting Trees in the City and Tree Giveaway” with the great fanzine editor, artist, and graffiti writer Joey Alone at the Tenderloin National Forest on May 27th. In “The Uses of Market Street” on May 29th writers and historians Chris Carlsson and Erick Lyle retrace the path of countless demonstrations, working-class parades, queer celebrations, bombings, and more on SF’s main drag. On June 5th award-winning investigative journalist (and punk rocker!) A.C. Thompson presents “Muckraking For Anyone” in which he lays out the basics of investigating government agencies, corporations, and individuals, and helps you figure out how to research any subject that intrigues you. Fans of legendary SF punk band HICKEY will not want to miss The Matty Luv Tapes on June 17th where you can help finish some of the Matty Luv’s incomplete songs. And on closing night, BIG BOYS‘ guitarist Tim Kerr and friends present “Freedom” where (again) you can join legendary punk musician and artist, Tim Kerr for a group performance of his musical piece “Freedom” and see  SF-exile bands BLACK RAINBOW, SUN FOOT, SHELLSHAG, and other surprise guests.

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Don’t miss out! Tell your friends! Go early, go often, before it’s too late… Then — go start your own Utopia!