Tejas Video Meltdown #1: Crazy Spirit

  • Published July 1, 2011 By Bryony
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HEY! Here’s a brief interlude of visual treats from the fiery pit of heat and spikes that was Chaos in Tejas 2011, Austin’s annual punk rock circle jerk.

Now that the sunburn is just scar tissue and the inevitable post-fest flu has finally abated, you can sit back and enjoy the finest wobbly-handed documentation, courtesy of video/tape label enterprise Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group, with some accompanying words from your very own columnist Bryony B.

In the interests of avoiding overstimulation, we’ll be drip-feeding y’all. Get ready.

Crazy Spirit (NY) Live at Lake Travis (“The Boat”)

As a virgin to the gently swaying, salty smellin’ environs of this eponymous party boat, the cameraman and I, together with our other reserved British pal, could do little other than gawp in awe that anyone could have fun in this heat, let alone play the raging set of tight, scummy, moron punk that CRAZY SPIRIT so effortlessly did for the second time in two days, and all in less than ideal sonic circumstances.

Wild beasts of urban decay transplanted to a craggy inlet off the Texan coast, the video shows the weirdness of the situation all too well. But weird is GOOD, right? The rest of their short set is otherwise a blur, perhaps beause we also forgot to bring any food or water. Dick move.  You can also see their debut set at Emo’s here, in case ya missed it, and buy the repress of their killer demo now on 12″ from this fine label.