Tejas Video Meltdown #2 – NÁ¼ Sensae

  • Published July 6, 2011 By Bryony
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Welcome to the second installment of TVM, this time brought to you from the sticky floor of Austin mainstay Beerland. Despite being kinda low down on the bill, and playing only one time at a sort of peripheral-to-the-fest show, the chance to catch NÜ SENSAE live was a serious deal breaker in our attendance all the way from the U of K.

For the louts at the back, this Vancouver duo make the soundtrack to somethin’ seriously seismic. Their short set was a hidden nugget of totally furious tightness in a sea of sweat-encrusted averageness. It was pared down, spooky, and they managed to play the hardest and most directly blistering set I saw all Fest, albeit to less than thirty people.

Pfft, right? But those who missed them due to clashes or being in dumbo festival-fug mode, despair not because their intense two month (yeah, two month) “Clown Life” tour of the USA with British Colombia buds White Lung is not yet over! To whet your appetite, see here and peep the remaining dates here. Without further ado, here is the footage. Feeeeel the Darkness.

Nü Sensae live at Beerland (June 3rd, 2011)