Tejas Video Meltdown #3 – Women in Prison

TVM Numero Trois. Does this count as part of the fest? Are you bothered? Okay, technically a pre-fest gig, this late night exposé at Chain Drive marked our initiation into that inimitable live hardpunk music gigger experience native to Austin, quite outside of the whole Fest deal.

We learnt that in the case of WOMEN IN PRISON, this can often involve large amounts of beer, spit, and glitter. Formerly of a hundred other bands, these gallant stallions of the Texan undergrowth proved conclusively that this is no locals only outing, and their record out right now on Hozac echoes this point. Driving, writhing rage-a-thon hardcore tunes good for fightin’ round the world to. Vaaska and The Altars also played. Sweet.

Women in Prison, Live at Chain Drive, (1st June 2011)