Video of the Week: Code of Honor

We’ll warm up with an undeniably fantastically great song/video/band, “Fight or Die” by San Francisco’s CODE OF HONOR from Target Video, 1983. After that is something I’ve been looking for for-fucking-ever, and was so stoked to see that someone finally posted on the YouTubes. It’s a half-hour long appearance by Code Of Honor on SF’s public access cable channel (probably also from 1983) performing songs from throughout their “career” and being interviewed by Maximum Rocknroll’s longest-running shitworker, Steve Spinali! I’ve started with part three ’cause I like watching the interviews (there’s another one that starts at minute 4:00 on part one), but of course the whole thing is worth enjoying if you’re a fan — and who isn’t?

Here are links to PART 1 and PART 2.