Video of the Week: Pusher

This video from Kuala Lumpur’s PUSHER comes to us via the Malaysian collective Knot Records, which seems to have its heart in the right place. They give this description of the video:

“Radio On Fire!” is essentially about the fall of the corporate music industry which not only exploits the listeners but also destroys the creative freedom for people to create music. Basically ‘Radio’ here is an analogy referred to all these major labels that are threatened by the emerged of lots of D.I.Y labels today, simply proves that anybody could appreciate and enjoy music without conforming to their ways. The revolution of ‘punk rock’ itself since the 70’s, in a way is the main factor that drove almost everybody to be self-empowered enough and go against the corporate game. This is a track from Pusher’s “Our Beloved City Of The Dead” CD released in 2010.

They also had this other video posted, which we liked a lot. Terima kasih!