Video of the Week: Shit Record Nerds Say

Well, between our “discovering” this and getting around to posting it, this video has gone wicked viral.  Over 37,00 views in just over four days. There’s even a blog that wrote a lengthy (very poorly written) piece on how much this video sucks. When that kind of shit happens you know you’ve really hit the big time!

Anyway, we had a little correspondence with Pat Thielges, co-creator of this funny-cuz-it’s-true gem. He told us that this is the first video that he and his daughter, Leah Maldonado, have made together, but that she is an accomplished YouTube-ist, having made a bunch of silly videos including this one in which Leah plays him! She also plays in the band Dr. Loomis, who totally shred.

Pat says that “Shit Record Nerds Say” is “inspired by almost three decades of rubbing elbows with some of the nerdiest and at the same time coolest people on earth… punk record collectors!!” Clearly he is a record nerd himself, and not out to disrespect anyone, just to poke fun at the more “backstabbing, moneygrubbing” aspects of the collector nerd scene. “Basically, I think punks need to have more of a sense of humor, cos punk is for the most part pretty humorous…and humorless.”

Some nerd facts: Pat is wearing two pairs of tighty whiteys, “so I am not technically in my undies.” The video was shot in Portland, Oregon, at Crossroads Records, Green Noise, and Everyday Music on Sandy. Pat and Leah promise to put out a “part two” soon!