Video of the Week: Vicky Drunk & Thrash

OK, kids. This video by Vicky Drunk & Thrash has been on my “to post” list for a while, but I’ve been at a loss for anything to write to about it except for, “Whoa, check this out!” It was sent in to us with this complete message: “hardcore punk from indonesia,” and the description on YouTube is pretty cryptic as well:

This band is a Vicky’s solo project, started out in the middle of 2006. Vicky’s first guitarist are Angga Madonna, who was disappeared from late 2007. Hereza, the next guitar player was not appear in this video. Hell with another band, this is all about Vicky anyway.

Who is Vicky? “Disappeared”? Why are there 25 seconds of credits for a 35 second song? Does anyone know the answers? Anyway, without further ado: Whoa, check this out!