Video(s) of the Week: more Chaos in Tejas 2010!

Oh, hell yes, party people. Whoever does the Aborted Society label outta Seattle just sent us a killer batch of videos from this year’s Chaos in Tejas. Most of the heavy hitters are there, including BASTARD, CROW, RORSCHACH, and TALK IS POISON, but the ones I wanted to share with you are from two fucking awesome newer bands. The first one is Bay Area chaos merchants MÖRPHEME, who I’ve only ever seen at much smaller shows, and whose energy always overpowers that of the audience itself. It’s cool to see them here at a larger venue where you can actually hear what they sound like, and it makes me happy to see them appreciated by the larger world of punx. By the way, these videos are all available in HD, so if you got the connection speed, check ’em out in full screen glory…

The second video is from another semi-local band that blew everyone away on their recent US tour. CROSS STITCHED EYES contains members from California, the UK, and Germany, and despite having a great LP out on Alternative Tentacles, still seems to linger in some obscurity. Hopefully their impressive performances, like this one, will help to rectify that.