Wow, what a show! Kakka-HÁ¤tÁ¤ 77/Acid Reflux/Burma

  • Published December 21, 2010 By Will Butler
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Hey! Welcome to the second installment of our new show review feature: Wow, what a show! This week is presented again by Will Butler of To Live A Lie Records / Fastcore Photos, but why let him hog all the glory? If you take photos and like to write about punk shows (or if you and a friend wanna team up to do this) drop us a line at with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a bona fide MRR web shitworker! Now, back to Will…

Acid Reflux (photo by Will Butler)

The first cold snap hit hard in November, well as cold as it will get randomly around then in North Carolina. I got sick as hell for a few weeks and hardly went out around that time. One exception was a show on the 13th that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. I’ll admit to being lame and I was not actually familiar with the band from Finland. I had seen their name before because it is proudly displayed on the front of a MRR that lives in my bathroom. Anywho, I had managed to see Acid Reflux a town over about 3/4 of a year ago and was really excited about seeing them again. I really like bands with little to no Internet presence. So on to the actual show… It was a bit cold, so I was bundled up.

Kakka-Hätä 77 (photo by Will Butler)

KAKKA-HÄTÄ 77 played a solid set. Very clean and snotty punk. People were getting into it, and I was having fun and taking pictures with my ADHD-addled brain. Next up was ACID REFLUX. I talked to them after the show and found out that this was their last tour as a band! So this was my second and last time to see them play. Everyone raged extraordinarily hard for them and I was pretty surprised at the number of people who knew their lyrics and were shouting along. Ira, who booked the show and put it on at his house, was going insanely nuts the entire time and I couldn’t help but laugh at the faces he was making (see the upper-most picture). Sparklers were affixed to their guitar while playing for some reason, the band must have stopped through South of the Border. After Acid Reflux played, the place emptied out before the last band. Unfortunate, but I think the reason this happened was  the fact that the last band was  supposed to be a surprise band and all the out of town bands had already played.

So next and last up was BURMA. They are a group of younger kids who were X’ed up and seem to play a sort of hybrid Converge/Infest style. The mic got decimated during the Acid Reflux set so Matt just ran around stomping and screaming as loud as he could. He somehow punched his own face so hard he was bleeding at the end of their set. Drumming was on point. The night concluded with Acid Reflux running around shooting off fireworks and I think they all antiqued each other with face-fulls of confectionery sugar. All I was thinking at this point of the night was that I had to get out of here before I had to put up a rowdy band at my house, and that I actually had a really great night full of some varying styles of music. Distort Raleigh!

Burma (photo by Will Butler)
Acid Reflux (photo by Will Butler)

Even more photos from the show!
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