Zine of the Month: Rad Party #42

  • Published June 9, 2012 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

In commemoration of our newest MRR Photo Issue, our Zine of the Month is a photo zine from noted zinester/illustrator/photographer Stéphane Delevacque. This review, by Julia Booze, appears in the latest issue as well — buy it now!

The package I opened came with three thick photo zines and a one-page foldout! Not sure if that is what you get for the listed price — maybe that cover price is just for the main anniversary issue, celebrating 20 years of Rad Party… holy shit! So amazing to me that anything can last that long. All of these zines are very professional feeling, maybe because they are printed and the paper quality is above average, either way they have absolutely beautiful photos. There is a hefty catalogue breaking down of all past issues, showing the cover and telling what each issue was about. It came out as part of a zine exhibit highlighting noteworthy long-running zines. Since I can only sort of glean a little meaning here and there, I am guessing about what it all says. I don’t think you need to read French to enjoy Rad Party #42, which contains a lot of nice band portraits, some familiar faces and a show review to accompany each photo. I bet this zine is considered a national treasure. If you are curious but afraid to spend the money, there is a blog that shows some of the awesome photos. I tooled around on it for a while enjoying my feeble attempts to read it all.

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