Zine of the Week: Excitement Level Zero

  • Published July 12, 2012 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews

We’ll take a short break from all of the MRR history and dive into some cool shit happening in the here-and-now. This review of issue #3 of Richmond, VA, fanzine Excitement Level Zero written by Bob Goldie appears in Maximum Rocknroll #351. You can order Excitement Level Zero #3 from Grave Mistake Records — and you can also check out ELZ #2 on the Sorry State site…

After getting really cynical about the dejected state of affairs in the current punk scene, I was mercifully relieved to come across this boss issue of Excitement Level Zero. In the spirit of the old days, before Hot Topic-style, computer generated, self congratulatory punk magazines done in the name of obtaining free records (or fucking CDs), this Virginia-based hardcore rag comes across as a work of authentic conviction done in true DIY cut-and-paste style and genuine fuck-you attitude. So what’s inside? After a classic full-page photo of CRIPPLED YOUTH there is an interview with a Canadian hardcore band called WORD ON THE STREET, whom I had never heard of, but totally want to check out now. Another feature that I totally appreciated was an attempt to list and assess all of the INFEST bootlegs that have ever appeared. And these bootleg reviews, like the other record reviews found throughout, are honest and to the point. Next is an interview with the awesome band MAD WORLD, followed by a road trip journal about heading up to New York to check out BOSTON STRANGLER and some other bands. The whole issue is pretty basic and can be read in ten minutes, but it’s got the spirit and is one of the best things I’ve come across in a few months.

Write to Excitement Level Zero c/o Pat Madden / 243 South Laurel St. / Richmond, VA 23220

— Bob Goldie