Zine of the Week: No Exit Vol. 5

  • Published August 10, 2012 By Mariam
  • Categories Reviews

This is a hard hitter. Cool Greek zine featuring interviews with D-takt and Rapunk Records, Amebix, Pyroklast, Deathhammer, Stripmines, a tribute to Void, movie reviews of my second favorite genre: action, featuring one of my favorite action movies, John Woo’s Hardboiled, a photo spread, very well done reviews and a small section of ads in the back. There is also a guest column by our very own newbie coordinator and, no, that is not the (only) reason this is a good zine… No Exit is being created among crumbling antiquated and fatally flawed infrastructure; in a dangerous climate of power grabbing which has created turmoil and dangerous situations with real human consequences. One could argue that strife creates fertile ground for creativity, but that’s easy to say when you are sitting in an easy chair watching “strife” on the news. What I will say is that there is no level of desperation or overwhelming level of nihilism that a weaker set (norms) might succumb to in a similar situation that would snuff out the creativity or love of punk here. The level of crazy shit going on in Greece is real, but rather than an overt expression, this zine is infused by and informed by it, in the interview style to the humor to the reviews. Great zine, good read and a reminder that nothing can keep the punks down.

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