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Vomit Pigs

MRR Radio #1587 • 12/10/17

This week Matt pulls some rarities out of the vault to make the scums and punks drool. Intro song: STENGTE DØRER ...

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MRR Radio #1586 • 12/3/17

On this week's MRR Radio, Rob goes ballistic for late '70s and early '80s Bloodstains punk rock from around the ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #416 • Jan 2018

Another new year, another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #416, our January 2018 issue, begins with a sad note as we ...

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"Who gives a fuck?"

MRR Radio #1585 • 11/26/17

“[...] Elvis gives them a short speech about the death pangs that humanity must go through in order to reach ...

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MRR Radio #1584 • 11/19/17

Another fuct up Rotten Ron and Horrrible Halitosis Punker Power Hour. Intro song: DRUGCHARGE - Husk Rotten Ron fucks it up so you ...

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MRR Radio #1255 • 7/31/11

July 31st, 2011 by

MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at radio.maximumrocknroll.com. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

THIS WEEK: Once again idiocy prevails as Hal, Chad and Ron Fuck Up the MRR Kitchen and Take No Prisoners


Escroto De Rata (photo from Cambra Fosca blog)

Intro song:

Rotten Ron – Some New Goodies to Pervert Your Soul
SLOWMOTIONS – Panic and Spoiler
HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS – Shoulda Listened (To Mommah)
ESCROTO DE RATA – Rocanrol Mugre
BELGRADO – Clockwise

Hal – New Transitions for Old Trannies
GAGGERS – Spit You Out
UNRELEASABLES – I Wanna Kill Myself
THEE LUDDS – Where to Begin

Chad – Less Talk, More Beer
REGULATIONS – Baghdad Beach Party
BATTLE RUINS – Blood Eagle
SMOGTOWN – You Don’t Like What What We Do For a Living See How We Do
THE SKEPTIX – Another Day

Rotten Ron – Some Old Shit From Around My House
THEE UNDERTAKERS – Register to Die
MOTARDS – Nothing Ever Changes

Outro songs:
INSAINTS – Losers Club

25th anniversary reissue of the
Welcome to 1984 compilation LP


Maximum Rocknroll is proud to reissue of the seminal Welcome to 1984 compilation LP. Welcome to 1984 was one of the very first — and perhaps best — compilations to document the first wave of international hardcore. This LP features legendary bands from all over the globe including Terveet Kädet (Finland), BGK (Netherlands), The Stalin (Japan), Olho Seco (Brazil), Raw Power (Italy), Rattus (Finland), RIP (Spain), and many more. 23 bands in all, from 17 different countries!

“… this LP covers the scene more as it ‘should be’ — more political with a spirit of independence and resistance in every cut.” —Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

Check out Felix Havoc’s write-up about it HERE.

Welcome to 1984 is out of print, but MP3 downloads of this LP and other MRR classics are available HERE.

Noise Ordinance Bay Area comp LP

UPDATE: This comp is now available as a download from our webstore!

In the tradition of our now-classic California punk/HC compilation Not So Quiet on the Western Front, nearly thirty years later we present to you the Noise Ordinance compilation LP! This 2011 San Francisco Bay Area comp features some of the most exciting and dangerous sounds from the local scene, including MORPHEME, NEEDLES, RANK/XEROX, NN, SHOTWELL, BLACK RAINBOW, SURRENDER, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, ACEPHALIX, AIRFIX KITS, RULETA RUSA, FACE THE RAIL, ECOLI, MIGRAINE, YEAR ONE, LOVE SONGS, SUICIDE BOMB, HUNX AND HIS PUNX, ACTS OF SEDITION, FIX MY HEAD, I WILL KILL YOU FUCKER, DUCK AND COVER, and the FLESHIES. And (of course) it comes with a newsprint zine-sized insert with a page from each band and some killer Bay Area punk photo spreads from local photographers.

Life During Wartime interviews: Bi-Marks

July 28th, 2011 by

Hey, it’s been a while but we’re back with another exciting Life During Wartime interview! Portland punk rockers the BI-MARKS played live on KBOO on June 6, 2011 and had this fascinatin’ on-air conversation with LDW’s Colin. Hear their killer performance here!

Calvin: Wuzzuuuup? Wuzzuuuuup?

LDW: Alright, so we should just get this out. So what sort of what have I done?/what burns? Would you like to say?

Calvin: I’d like to say oh my god to biggy dude

Eric: Don’t forget to say hello to burno to a millionaire.

Calvin: What am I? Who are you? Who am I?

Eric: Don’t forget to tell a man where the plums at. H3 is in place!

Calvin: (moaning)

LDW: OK, backing up to the questions — who are you guys and what do you do in the band? Let’s start with you, Evan.

Evan: My name is Eric, I play guitar.

(all laugh)

Eric: I’m Evan, I do nothing.

Calvin: I’m Kevin. I’m bored and I play guitar.

Kevin: I’m Calvin. I’m really really really bored.

Ian: I’m Ian and I slappa da bass.

Calvin: Oh, he slappa da bass alright. I tell ya that much.

LDW: What else do you do in the punk scene? What other—

Kevin: Nothing!

LDW: —bands do you do or… OK, nothing from Kevin. What other bands do you guys do outside of this?

Eric: Me and Ian are in this band Death Machine, and Calvin is in Athetic or whatever it’s supposed to be.

Calvin: It’s a new band.

LDW: Is it called Fnordgasm?

Calvin: No, no.

Eric: That’s what it should be.

Calvin: It’s called Oh My God.

LDW: And does the new post-Nerveskade band have a name yet?

Ian: No, but we’re playing next month, hopefully.

LDW: Awesome. And how did you get the name Bi-Marks? Read the rest of this entry »

Records of the Week: BIG CRUX EP & PORKERIA LP

July 26th, 2011 by

This week we bring you another two-for-one Record of the Week post! These reviews, and so many more, appear in MRR #339

BIG CRUX – Big Crux is a Big Funk EP

A total winner! The three tracks on this EP have a MINUTEMEN and BIG BOYS influence seeping out here and there, but the inspiration derived from those bands only serves as a backdrop to an otherwise unique sound. Listening to this record conjures up an image of a few musicians who totally appreciate old R&B and rock’n’roll and original punk just jamming together for hours in a musty basement. The songs are minimalistic but clean, and the killer funk bass lines are prominent but not too funky or obnoxious slap bass shit. The lyrics, occasionally in Spanish but mostly in English, are meaningful but not obvious. The guitar licks are fantastic, and they work so well because of the solid drum fills and beats holding it all together. My hands are getting tired from flipping this thing over and over again. Top ten for sure. (Iron Lung Records)

—Bob Goldie

PORKERIA – La Mierda de Siempre LP

Records this good often put me at a loss for words. I find it much easier to pick something apart than to get to the core of what makes something great. For instance, I was thinking of starting this review by describing this as straightforward Latino hardcore punk. That sounds generic right? Well essentially that’s what PORKERIA sound like, but rest assured, these well-traveled Texans are anything but boring. This is the middle ground between LOS CRUDOS and PELIGRO SOCIAL, with a little bit of Scandinavian influence tossed in for good measure. It’s fast and raging but after a couple spins every one of these fantastic little ditties will be ingrained in your brain. Most of the lyrics are vaguely political; they’re also fantastically simple and at times even a bit hopeful. “Por La Patria” and “No Te Preocupes” actually gave me fucking chills. This is the best Latino punk LP I’ve heard in a couple years; track it down at any cost.  (Valle Miseria Discoz/Adelante Records — )

—Kevin Manion