Blog of the Week: Total Fucker

When I lived on the East Coast, I used Total Fucker as an online resource. Ghost kept a pretty accurate listing of all punk happenings in Boston that any self-respecting punk would be interested in attending. With cheap bus fare to Boston from New York, it was easy to skip town and go to Boston for the weekend. Total Fucker kept me up to date on shows, DJ nights, and upcoming releases on Total Fucker Records from Boston’s finest, such as Koward and G.A.S.H.

Ghost is not exactly a Luddite but is not known for his internet presence — so you get what you get. Although it seems the site is no longer updated as it once was, and its archives mysteriously having disappeared, it is a site for all you punks who love punk to keep an eye on…

MRR: When did Total Fucker start?

Ghost: I released my first record in 2010, a lathe record for BLOODKROW BUTCHER, mistakenly titled as a “flexi.” It was limited to 50 copies due to the fact that the people who cut the records didn’t want to physically make any more than that. Their “company” has since closed and there are currently no plans for a re-press.

Was it always a label? The name of the shows that you put together? What does Total Fucker really stand for?

Total Fucker was never used as a booking name. I started writing “Raw Tunes For Total Fuckers!” on fliers that I made for gigs that I booked, as well as other people’s gigs I made fliers for. This was a few years before the idea for a label even came about.The intent was that the gigs were truly for “Total Fuckers.” Raw Punk maniacs that were going to have an uncompromisingly good time. A warning, if you will.

How many releases have you done?

I just released FUCKER005. A long awaited self-titled EP for KOWARD, a hardcore punk band that formed in Boston in 2009. Their drummer moved to PDX shortly after the band was formed, which made it difficult for them to play gigs and record. I just returned from an eight gig tour with them, which probably doubles their live performances since their first gig three years ago!

What’s upcoming?

My next release is a nine-track LP for Boston pogo punk band WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? Fans of Pogo77 Records and early Casualties take note!

What websites do you lurk?

I don’t spend much time on the internet other than occasionally checking my e-mail. I also occasionally check the Punk and Destroy website to stay up to date on Japanese releases.

Why the anonymity, Ghost?

People often suggest that. [??? — ed.] I have multiple points of contact including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and a phone number. If you would like to write I can be reached at:

Total Fucker Records
PO Box 82
Somerville, MA 02143

Why did you delete your whole blog, fucker?

I didn’t. I just trimmed the fat. You can still check the page for updates on new releases and upcoming events. Cheers!