Combat Core

Agnostic Front Cause for Alarm LP

With their debut LP, I liked the music, liked the lyrics, had doubts about certain contradictions. With this follow-up, I like the music less (way more metal), the lyrics are largely good (though the anti-welfare “Public Assistance” attacks minorities as the problem), and again I am not convinced—even less so.

Broken Bones Bonecrusher LP

Side one is the better recorded of the sides, with a mighty driving bass clearing all obstacles, leading the way for non-stop metalish thrash. Lyrics remain in the doom-and-gloom mold, but appropriate for the music. Lots of power.

Circle Jerks Wönderful LP

While musically tight and strong, and despite Keith’s continued strong singing in the face of numerous physical injuries, this LP doesn’t really kill. The JERKS may never approach the heights of that first LP (a tough standard to beat), but they’ll keep at it, on the road and on vinyl. Decent.

GBH Midnight Madness and Beyond LP

As expected, a lot more metalish leads and chords present here. Of the twelve songs, there are maybe only a couple that find their roots in that classic upbeat punk style that this band had years ago. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the lyrics haven’t changed a bit.

Ludichrist Immaculate Deception LP

A cut above most metal-influenced hardcore bands. There’s an urgency to their music and a feeling of more intelligence/thought than on many such groups, which combined with the hot production makes this highly listenable. Breakneck speed but tight as hell, like early MDC.