Attitude Adjustment American Paranoia LP

A hot, consistent album from this young Bay Area outfit, playing powerful metallic HC with smart lyrics. Sure to be a hit with the crossover crowd, and most others as well. This version of A.A. has now split into a new (original line-up) A.A. and into CONDEMNED ATTITUDE.

Christ on Parade Sounds of Nature LP

Ripping thrash from one of the Bay Area’s best contemporary HC outfits. Neither the musical structures nor the themes are particularly unique, but the execution is way above the current US norm. The guitar sound is really piercing, the tempo is supercharged, some cuts have killer choruses (like “Drop Out” and “No Truth”) or guitar breaks (like “Landlord”), and the overall effect is ultra intense. Features European-style Pus production.

Final Conflict Ashes to Ashes LP

Alog the lines of CRUCIFIX, FINAL CONFLICT are carrying on a tradition of politically aware hardcore. Very strong musically and politically, they don’t hold back, and in an all-too-hedonistic and conservative environment like Orange Co., it’s no small feat to maintain one’s values and drive. They do.

Part 1 Pictures of Pain 12″

Slow- to mid-tempo post-punk. Haunting and flowing mood music bordering on gothic, but not as trite. Weaving but simple melodies. The title-track is the star by far. If you’ve been following the bountiful post-punk bands from the East Coast, you’ll love these Brits.

Poison Idea Kings of Punk LP

At long last it’s out, and well worth it. Proving that life exists after metal (or at least hardcore does), this is a power-paced assault without a tinge of dinosaur damage. Very pro package by Pushead, though there’s no lyric sheet included, and Tom Roberts has got to be seen to be believed. A powerful punch. Now.. if they’d only tour.

Septic Death Need So Much Attention 12″

Heh, heh. After Pushead’s wisecracks at the beginning of his column, I can’t wait to review his band’s record. Unfortunately, it’s good. Oh, well. Actually, it’s ferocious. It combines the manic attack of the Boston bands with the recklessness of the best Finnish and Swedish thrash groups. Being a perfectionist, the Pus has worked long and hard on his debut, with excellent results. It should serve as a lesson for many young bands—wait until you’ve got it together before going public. This shreds.

Septic Death Now That I Have the Attention What Do I Do With It? LP

A sort-of reissue. Side B is the same as the original—speedcore wailing and frantic Pus vocals. The A-side, however, is another story: three tracks are from the original release, but have new guitar and vocals; three are completely new tunes; and three are songs that appeared on various comps, again redone. Beautiful packaging.

Inferno / The Execute split 12″

The material here is about 1-2 years old, but that shouldn’t deter you from picking this disk up. From Japan comes EXECUTE, a mainstay of the HC scene there. Their tunes appeared on a 7″ there, re-released here in all their powerful glory, with little or no metal damage. INFERNO, from Germany, have a bit more melody but at no loss of power — and again no metal overdose. Hot!

V/A Cleanse the Bacteria LP

Pus and I often have minor musical differences, so I was hoping for the opportunity to take a friendly swipe at the old headbanger’s international thrash-oriented compilation. But I’m having a hard time because it’s a fucking good record. Some of the groups here are among my favorites (like 7 SECONDS and MOB 47) and the selections are usually up the best of each band’s standard, so I’ll just have to bite my tongue and get into these vicious slabs of cranium-crunching mayhem, etc. Kudos to GENOCIDE EXPRESS, SIEGE, and even HOLY DOLLS.

V/A Pusmort Sampler EP

A unique and good looking package here, with a 7″ comp EP and flexi. Bands from the U.S., Canada and Japan include SEPTIC DEATH, FRATRICIDE, C.O.P., FINAL CONFLICT, NEGATIVE GAIN, GHOUL, OUTO, S.O.B., and GHOUL SQUAD. No info on the bands, but the needle jumps, and that’s the bottom line.