Chaos UK Just Mere Slaves 12″

The boys went a rampaging in Japan, shocking the minds with their chaotic fits, and recorded some new smoking tracks that send quake waves throughout Japan. Great straightforward bites of feedback and distortion in the crazed tradition meet you with the four new bits on side A. Side B was recorded live at one of the Japanese crunch shows.

Gauze Equalizing Distort LP

Raw-edged straightforward thrash with gravel-laden vocals continuing the excitement on this second LP. Japan’s answer to non-stop chaotic destruction, finely tuned and well-mixed with great back-up choruses, throwing chunks of havoc everywhere. The first LP was good, this is a great one and melts my brain at every listen.

Last Bomb Retro Firing EP

Garden variety Japanese thrash is presented here — good tempos, passionate screamed vocals, riffy thrash guitar — respectable in all categories, but lacking in that extra emotional punch. And then, perhaps it’s a little too garden variety…

Outo 正直者は馬鹿を見る LP

A real powerhouse band and album. Non-stop quality thrash, great sounds, and even hooks and choruses. Guitar gets out front a few times, but it’s restrained and the overall band sound is maintained. With titles like “Lost of Words” and “Not Worth Dawn” (they do mean “damn”) you can’t go wrong. Killer.

Poison Hot Rod EP

This four song effort presents mid- to fast-tempo punk/HC with some lead breaks that tax one’s attention, and frankly less in the way of memorable compositions than I’d hoped for. Good energy, but unmemorable.

S.V.S. Hell Near EP

Great power-packed Japanese pulsations with charismatic melodies. Medium paced with metallic guitar bits, crazed to one end, drums continually smashing the beat together. Has the right punched to grab your attention and hold it. Fun and pleasurable.

Systematic Death Flash Back EP

Pages of turbulent thrash jamming into a quick dose for a fiery combustion. Full speed ahead split-second blisterings hit hard with the total effect as the vocals spits out the speed lines. Maniac drums pace the rabid guitar work to keep the storm a-thundering.

V/A Thrash Til Death LP

First, the music of GAUZE, OUTO, LIPCREAM, and SYSTEMATIC DEATH comprise some of Japan’s best HC, a variety of approaches, all gripping. Now the cover—one of the best all time graphic jobs, both in layout and content. Impressive.

V/A A Farewell to Arms LP

Two to four songs each from GAUZE, GHOUL, EXECUTE, LIP CREAM, OUTO, and GASTUNK. Lots of great stuff, especially by LIP CREAM and GAUZE, though there are very few slouchers at all here. Hot.