MRR #58 • March 1988

7 Seconds Live! One Plus One LP

Aside from a song or two, this live LP represents their latter sound, a rock-oriented approach. The songs are less anthemic and less gripping, more prone to length and dilution. It’s hard for me to relate to this approach, especially as 7 SECONDS was my fave for many years. And given my fondness for Kevin, it’s doubly hard to say I don’t really like this period of their work, never mind the thin sound on this LP.

Bhopal Stiffs One Track Head / Not Just My Head 7″

Good powerful thrash tunes from this Chicago band. “Not Just My Head” is a short blast, while “One Track Head” is a bit more complex and interesting, with loads of energy. An impressive start.

Black Flag Wasted…Again LP

A repackaged “greatest hits” LP, this features “Wasted,” “TV Party,” “Six Pack,” “I Don’t Care,” “I’ve Had It,” “Jealous Again,” “Louie Louie,” “Gimme Gimme Gimme,” “Slip It In,” and more.

Blind Amongst the Flowers Dementia Americana / Back in the South 7″

A sexually offensive pic on the front (girl and gun mode), and an equally ridiculous essay on the back. Can’t figure this band. But the music is like a demented PIL meets early GODFATHERS bordering on industrial pop with very catchy melodies. Quite good.

The Bears Insane!! LP

This is volume one of a “roots of punk” series, featuring Northern Ireland’s BEARS. They put out two 45s in ’77, one of which “bears” the name of the LP and rates in my top ten all-time punk list. However, that track on this live in ’77 recording is nowhere near as electrifying. Decent, but not necessarily magic.